12 August 2015

Rockies student projects, 2015

Posted by Callan Bentley

Another year, another batch of student projects from my Rockies field course, each intended to elucidate some aspect of the geology of the Montana / Wyoming Rocky Mountains for the general public:

  1. Geology of Grand Teton National Park (Marcell)
  2. Tilted glaciolacustrine beds near Glacier National Park (James)
  3. Blog on various aspects of the field course’s geology (Zack)
  4. A geologist’s guide to the Beartooth Highway (Peri)
  5. The Sawtooth Range and the Disturbed Belt (Leslie)
  6. YouTube video on the Purcell Sill and Helena Formation stromatolites (Nathan)
  7. The geology of hiking the trail to Grinnell Glacier (Lauren)
  8. The geologic story of the Bridger Range (Anna)
  9. Grinnell Glacier (Hannah)
  10. Grinnell Glacier hike (Emily)
  11. Sun River Canyon (Matthew)
  12. Sun River Canyon (Kathlene)
  13. Ringing Rocks Pluton (Theresa)
  14. Basement Complex (Jake)
  15. Basement Complex (Xiuming)
  16. Absaroka Volcanic Province (Brad)
  17. Boulder Batholith, Ringing Rocks, and the Lewis Thrust (Karisha)
  18. Geothermal Features of Yellowstone (Travis)
  19. The Belt Supergroup in Glacier National Park (John)