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15 May 2020

A potential major rock slope failure above Barry Glacier in Alaska

A team of scientists has identified a potentially massive (500 million cubic metre) rock slope failure above Barry Glacier in Alaska


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12 February 2018

Juneau: a very large rockslope failure in Alaska in December 2016

A large rockslope failure occurred at Cowee Creek near to Juneau in Alaska in December 2016, inducing a 9 m high, 90 m wide displacement wave that travelled at least 13 km down the valley


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29 August 2017

Zhangjiawan landslide: a massive rockslope collapse with 35 fatalities caught on a remarkable video

Yesterday the Zhangjiawan landslide, a massive rockslope collapse in Guizhou,China,caused 35 fatalities. The landslide was caught on a remarkable video.


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22 January 2017

Nanzhang County, Hubei: 12 killed as a hotel is crushed by a rockslope failure

On Friday night a major rockslope failure in Nanzhang County, Hubei, China crushed a hotel, killing 12 people and injuring three more.


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