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25 July 2022

New peat landslides in Shetland (including a very interesting landslide video)

On 4 July 2022 a peat landslide occurred at the site of a windfarm under construction in Shetland, north Scotland.


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31 March 2022

The mechanisms of the Derrybrien peatslide

An Environmental Impact Assessment published online details the mechanisms of failure of the 2003 Derrybrien peatslide in Ireland.


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23 July 2021

Benbrack: another peat landslide in Ireland

Benbrack: a large peat landslide in West Cavan in the Republic of Ireland, triggered by heavy rainfall on 4 July 2021


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25 June 2016

A peat bog landslide in Galway, Ireland

On Thursday night heavy rainfall triggered a peat bog landslide in Galway in the far west of Ireland, blocking a main road.


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8 July 2009

Shallow landslides in County Mayo, Ireland

Last Thursday (2nd July) an unusually strong rainstorm passed across the northwest of Ireland. Considerable damage was caused, as recounted in this Irish Times article, with floods occurring across quite a large area. The rainfall in the Castlebar area was particularly intense – there is a quite nice article on this in the Mayo news. This rainfall appears to have triggered a set of large but shallow slides at Croaghmoyle. …


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