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30 March 2023

Buriticupu: a town with a chronic gully and landslide problem in Brazil

Buriticupu is a town with a population of about 73,000 that is being affected by a chronic gully and landslide problem.


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20 March 2020

Sinking ships to stop erosion

Sinking ships to stop erosion: the banks of the River Severn in England have been protected from landslides by sinking disused barges, creating a graveyard of old vessels


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8 October 2019

Samothraki: the role of goats in increasing landslide hazard

Samothraki: on a small Greek island, uncontrolled grazing of goats has led to a catastrophic increase in landslide hazard


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1 March 2017

New images reveal the scale of damage to the Oroville spillway

Flow has been temporarily stopped down the Oroville Spillway in California, allowing the magnitude of the damage to be assessed.


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14 February 2017

The enormous scale of the erosion problem at the Oroville Dam site

Images that have appeared online over the last 24 hours dramatically illustrate the vast scale of the erosion problem at the Oroville dam site


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10 February 2017

Oroville Dam: extraordinary erosion, and a crisis, on the spillway

At the Oroville Dam in Calfornia an extraordinary crisis has developed as the spillway undergoes massive, flood-induced erosion


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6 January 2017

Collapsing Arctic coastlines

In a paper just published in Nature Climate Change, Michael Fritz and colleagues have highlighted the environmental impacts of collapsing Arctic coastlines.


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7 September 2016

Why maintaining forest roads is important – a large landslide triggered by a small culvert failure

Why maintaining forest roads is important – a large landslide triggered by a small culvert failure in the Six Rivers National Forest in California


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13 August 2016

Freshwater: a nice landslide video from the Isle of Wight

Freshwater, Isle of Wight Isle of Wight Radio has a nice video, taken by a walker on the beach at Freshwater, of a cliff collapse event.  The video was uploaded onto Facebook by Phil Baldwin, who was collecting fossils on the cliff face.  ITV News has a nice report that provides more detail about what happened. Phil Baldwin has also uploaded some images of the aftermath of the landslide onto …


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16 January 2014

Aoraki / Mount Cook: A new survey of its height after the 1991 landslide

A GNS / University of Otago expedition has just resurveyed the height of Aoraki / Mount Cook after the 1991 rock avalanche. The mountain has lost 30 m.


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