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7 February 2022

An unusual embankment failure near to Northampton

Google StreetView has imaged the aftermath of an unusual embankment failure near to Northampton at a warehouse construction site in the UK


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1 April 2021

Düzce Zonguldak: a spectacular retaining wall failure on a highway in Turkey

Düzce Zonguldak: on 26 March 2021 a spectacular retaining wall slope failure occurred on a highway in Turkey


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10 July 2018

Tekirdag Province, Turkey: a geotechnical failure caused a derailment, killing 24 people

On Sunday a comparatively small geotechnical failure triggered a train derailment in Turkey, killing 24. The accident serves to illustrate the need for vigilance on earthworks on the railway network.


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4 February 2015

Harbury Tunnel landslide: an update from Network Rail

Yesterday Network Rail released more information, and some good images, of the Harbury Tunnel landslide in Central England. The images suggest a complex failure mechanism involving 350,000 tonnes of material


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6 January 2015

The Scorciavacche Viaduct in Sicily: an earthworks failure that has become a national scandal

In Sicily in southern Italy a national scandal has developed at the site of the Scorciavacche Viaduct, which opened less than a month ago, but has now been closed as a result of a major earthworks failure


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1 November 2011

Intriguing landslide of the week – catastrophic bluff collapse at WE Energies plant at Oak Creek in Wisconsin

An initial report of a landslide that occurred yesterday at the WE Energies electricity generating plant in Wisconsin, USA. Some thoughts on possible causes are included.


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