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23 February 2021

Camogli, Italy: the unfortunate impact of a landslide in a cemetery

Camogli, Italy: a large coastal landslide on 22 February 2021 has severely damaged a cemetery


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4 February 2021

The White Cliffs of Dover chalk cliff collapse

The 3 February 2021 White Cliffs of Dover chalk cliff collapse in Kent, England, which was caught on a brilliant video.


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9 April 2018

Santa Cruz island: rockfalls during the M=5.3 earthquake in California on Thursday

Photographs taken from boats showed coastal cliff rockfalls on Santa Cruz island in California during the M=5.4 earthquake on Thursday 5th April


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17 February 2014

New paper: the role of fatigue in rockfalls

A review of our new paper (Brain et al 2014) that examines the role of fatigue in rockfall generation


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5 January 2013

Remarkable photos of a collapsing arch in California

Robert Wills has captured an amazing sequence of images of the collapse of a natural arch in a coastal cliff in California


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15 October 2012

An easy Monday morning – a fantastic cliff collapse video from New Zealand

A remarkable video of a cliff collapse in New Zealand in 2000 and an image of a similar landslide on Friday


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15 March 2012

The Dover chalk cliff rockfall in the context of other such events

A brief comparison of the recent chalk cliff rockfall in Dover with similar events in the literature


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2 November 2011

An update on the Wisconsin landslide, and a cliff collapse in Wales

An update on the landslide in Wisconsin on Monday, and a report of a cliff collapse in Wales, also on Monday.


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8 November 2009

Coastal erosion and climate change: Implications for the shoreline over the next century

On Friday I gave a public lecture at the Badbury Centre in North Yorkshire (NE England), looking at the potential impacts of climate change on coastal erosion. The presentation was focused on the field site that we maintain at Boulby, close to the lecture venue. In the presentation I start by looking at our landslide database and then go on to talk about climate change. The main part of the …


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18 September 2009

Extraordinary! Using a helicopter sledgehammer to clear loose rock from a cliff!

I thought I had seen everything until I saw this video! It is from Norway, showing an extraordinary method for removing a loose rock pillar from a high, steep cliff. The answer is obvious – just hang a 1.8 tonne block on a cable under the helicopter and bash the offending rock with your new sledgehammer. This must take very skillful flying. The most amazing thing is that it worked …


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