30 April 2017

Highway 101, Vietnam, Turkey and others: a selection of new landslide videos

Posted by Dave Petley

Highway 101, Vietnam and others: a selection of new landslide videos

In the last two weeks a range of landslide videos have appeared on Youtube, including examples from Highway 101, Vietnam, India and Turkey.  This is a summary:

A rockslide on Highway 101 in California

I think it’s fair to say that this one developed a little faster than the Caltrans workers had expected:


A rather beautiful snow and soil avalanche from the Kackar Mountains

This one occurred in Turkey on 23rd April:


And a similar event (perhaps with less rock and soil) in Canada



A rockslide at Drabshala on Nathional Highway 244 in northern India, between Kishtwar and Batote



A small landslide toppling a house in Aizawl, northern India

This property is built on an incredibly steep slope:


A major riverbank collapse on the Nam Vao River in Vietnam