3 February 2016

New landslide videos: Aconcagua (again), Muothatal and Pacifica

Posted by Dave Petley

Another debris flow on Aconcagua

Last week I blogged about a debris flow video on Aconcagua in Argentina.  It turns out there is another video of an earlier debris flow, collected on 26th December 2015:

The text associated with the video, which was shot by Kyle Peterson, is as follows:

I shot this video Dec 26, 2015 and our group nearly got caught in a rock/mudslide hiking out of Horcones Valley after summitting Aconcagua the previous day.

This video beautifully illustrates that dry nature of these types of flow, even though they look wet.  Look at the amount of dust the flow is generating as the dry rocks scrape along the walls of the channel:


The 26th December 2015 debris flow on Aconcagua in Argentina. Still from a Youtube video collected by Kyle Peterson


I’d be very interested to know the source of these debris flows.

A fascinating landslide at Muothatal in Switzerland

Meanwhile, this amazing landslide was apparently triggered by a combination of rain and snow at Muothatal in Switzerland:


Drone footage of coastal erosion at Pacifica

Repeated El Nino storms have driven more rapid erosion on the bluffs at Pacifica in central North California.  The resultant erosion appears to be condemning a number of buildings, as very impressive drone footage shows: