17 April 2015

New landslide video: a fascinating and huge Russian earthflow

Posted by Dave Petley

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Russian Earthflow

An absolutely stunning new video has appeared on Youtube overnight showing footage shot from a road of the movement of a very large and very spectacular earthflow in Russia.  It has to be said that the videographer was as cool as the weather in his or her slow retreat from the path of the landslide:-



There is no information about the landslide, except that it occurred on 1st April 2015 at Zarechnyi.  Liveleak also has the video of the Russian earthflow, with a label that says Penzenskaya Oblast.  If this is correct then it is in an area on the western side of Russia.  Given that this would be the thawing season, the conditions would be right for this type of landslide.  But there is also a volcano called Zarechnyi on Kamchatka, although I assume that this is not the location of this landslide.

Does anyone have any more information?

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