7 November 2014

A roundup of recent landslide events

Posted by Dave Petley

1. The Mannen landslide

Unfortunately the Mannen landslide in Norway continues to creep without failing.  TV2 is heroically maintaining its webcam, and the residents in the valley below remain temporarily homeless.  The Mannen Direkte webpage has a new movement graph with data from 1st to 6th November:


The dramatic slowdown in the rate of movement appears to be associated with the arrival of much colder weather.  This suggests to me that the landslide is still in a secondary creep phase, meaning that there is deep uncertainty about when the landslide might start to fail.

A fatal landslide in Switzerland

Meanwhile, in Switzerland a landslide on Wednesday night struck a house in Bombinasco in the south of the country.  Judging by the image below, the landslide was not large, but unfortunately it destroyed a house, killing a 31 year old woman and her three year old daughter:


3. A landslide in Quebec derails a freight train, leaving a worker missing

Over in Canada a train carrying iron ore was derailed yesterday close to the Moisie River, north of Sept-Iles in Quebec.  The landslide appears to have been a joint-controlled rockslide, which forced the locomotives and a number of railcars into the river:


Sadly the driver is unaccounted for.  The train had three locomotives, of which only one is visible in the above image.  The image below suggests that at least one of the locomotives is submerged: