25 June 2012

First news of another landslide accident in Uganda

Posted by Dave Petley

Reuters Africa are reporting that there was a landslide on the flanks of Mt Elgon in Uganda this morning.  The reports suggest that heavy rainfall triggered a landslide in Bumwalukani parish on the slopes of the extinct volcano.  Three villages were buried.  The reported death toll is currently 10 people, with early reports suggesting that up to 100 may have been buried.  However, note that the reports are currently very sketchy about this incident, so these numbers may change substantially.

Mount Elgon has been the location of a number of landslides in recent years.  The worst event occurred in 2010, when heavy rainfall triggered a landslide that killed over 300 people.  This area has been subject to high levels of deforestation in recent years, with large areas being turned over to coffee production.  Unfortunately, landslides are proving to be a major hazard as a result.