3 October 2011

A landslide in Armenia with slightly unclear, but undoubtedly serious, impacts

Posted by Dave Petley

Various new agencies are reporting a substantial landslide in Armenia in Lchkadzor village, Tavush Region, on the road linking Armenia with Georgia that occurred yesterday.  The most convincing report, in that it quotes the Ministry of Emergency Situations, suggests that eight people were killed, mostly in and around their cars.  However, other reports suggest that 35 cars were buried and that three, four or seven people may be missing.  It appears that seven people were injuredOne news report lists seven people reported to be missing in the landslide.

The landslide appears to have been triggered by heavy rainfall.  It is reportedly quite large, burying up to 250 metres of road.   The video below, which shows raw footage from a TV crew, shows the aftermath of the landslide (and some continuing activity).  The video certainly shows vehicles buried and toppled by the landslide: