10 February 2010

Continuing works on the Attabad landslide

Posted by Dave Petley

The National Disaster Management Authority in Pakistan is posting daily updates on the situation with the Attabad landslide on its website here. The reports appear with a lag of about 4 days, but nonetheless provide a helpful insight into the rate of progress. As of 6th Feb a total of 26,000 cubic metres of debris had been moved to create the spillway. Meanwhile the lake level is increasing at 60 cm per day – it will be interesting to see if this rate decreases with the recent weather.

This impressive rate of progress appears to be possible because the area that they are excavating is very fine-grained, as this video shows:

Meanwhile, the ever helpful Pamir Times reports that the river blockage is starting to have substantive impacts downstream due to the reduced flow levels. These impacts are clearly most acute directly below the dam, where the river is now dry, but extend right down to the Tarbela dam, close to Islamabad.