27 July 2009

Landslide sessions as the AGU Fall meeting in San Francisco

Posted by Dave Petley

The annual Fall Meeting of the American Geophysical Union (AGU) has long been the meeting of choice of the geoscience community, although these days it is being challenged by its European equivalent (the European Geosciences Union). The meeting this year is expected to attract about 16,000 earth and environmental scientists (I bet you didn’t realise there were that many…).A frustration for the surface process and natural hazards communities has been the lack of representation at this meeting, but this year AGU has put this right.

Abstracts are due in early September, but I thought it would be helpful to pull together a list of the sessions potentially of interest to landslide scientists:

H56: Hydrometeorological Hazards in a Changing World
NH01: Natural Hazards General Contributions
NH03: Remote Sensing of Natural Hazards
NH04: The Development and Characterization of Natural Hazard Catalogs
NH06: Reducing Human Losses to Natural Hazards
NH14: Controls on Landslide Sizes and Size Distribution
NH18: Rainfall Induced Landslides: Prediction and Assessment
NH20: The Science of High-Probability, Unpredictable Hazards: From Theory to Practice
NH22: Extreme Natural Hazards: Risk Assessment and Forecasting
NH25: Energy in Natural Disaster Systems
EP02: Sediment Supply, Storage, and Delivery as Controlled by Hillslope-Channel Coupling

See you there!