19 February 2009

A new landslide video from Bolivia

Posted by Dave Petley

I have come across another video of a landslide from Bolivia. I suspect that this is the recent slide in La Paz, as per the following report from The News:

“At least 300 people have been injured in the Bolivian city of La Paz following a serious mudslide, Mayor Juan del Granado said Tuesday. “The (movements) are still ongoing but we are talking about more than 60 families affected and 300 people injured,” del Granado said. Until now we are talking about more or less 50 houses that are affected,” he added. The landslide affected an area of four hectares and was caused by “the presence of subterranean water, which lubricated a level of earth” according to Johnny Bernal, a municipal expert. No fatalities have been reported”

The video is a news report Carried on Live Leak. It is available here, or you should be able to view it below:


Some pretty dramatic imagery of the impact of landslides in urban areas.