26 November 2008

Brazil landslide disaster videos

Posted by Dave Petley

Unfortunately Santa Catarina Province in Brazil is currently being affected by dreadful landslides and floods associated with a period of exceptionally heavy rainfall. The death toll is rising rapidly.

Incredibly, Brazilian news agencies appear to have caught at least two landslides in action. They can both be seen in the following Youtube video:


The first occurs right at the start of the clip. Unfortunately the film does not cover all of the slide, just the first few seconds. This is better caught on a video that I cannot embed, but which is at the start of the clip that can be found here. The second occurs at about the 16th second of the embedded video. I hope that better resolution film will appear in due course – please let me know if you come across it.

Meanwhile, a few images are appearing of the landslide damage, such as this:

UPDATE: I have now found a Youtube version of the first of the landslides above. Hopefully it will play below: