31 October 2008

New book: Landslides and Engineering Geology of the Seattle, Washington, Area

Posted by Dave Petley

Seattle is an area that has both a long history of landslides and a long history of landslide research. For example, there is a 1974 USGS report online examining landslides triggered in a 1972 rainfall event. In 1996-7 a series of large storms triggered multiple damaging slides in Seattle. As a result, the USGS and Seattle agreed to start a major project to produce a range of landslide hazard maps and associated forecasting tools. Part of this work has been the compilation of a database extending back to 1890 – there is a very nice report on this work on the Seattle Government website.

This work has been summarised in a new volume published yesterday by the Geological Society of America:

The book summary states that: “This volume brings together case studies and summary papers describing the application of state-of-the-art engineering geologic methods to landslide hazard analysis for the Seattle, Washington, area. An introductory chapter provides a thorough description of the Quaternary and bedrock geology of Seattle. Nine additional chapters review the history of landslide mapping in Seattle, present case studies of individual landslides, describe the results of spatial assessments of landslide hazard, discuss hydrologic controls on landsliding, and outline an early warning system for rainfall-induced landslides.”

Baum, R.,L., Godt, J.W. and Highland, L.M. (eds) 2008. Landslides and Engineering Geology in the Seattle, Washington Area. Geological Society of America, 181 pp. ISBN: 9780813741208
Price: $30 for members, $60 for non-members. Available from here.