15 January 2018

What Science Really Knows About The Asteroid That Took Out T-Rex and his Friends.

Posted by Dan Satterfield

NOTE: I had the wrong video posted. Fixed now.

Every time I watch a TV show about a science field other than atmospheric science I have to remind myself that I’m being given a very simplified version. Sometimes too simplified, and I know it because when I watch a show on atmospheric science, I often cringe. This is true even on programs like NOVA because you can read the script for an hour-long TV program in ten minutes.

With that in mind, do you really want to know about the big asteroid impact that wiped out T-Rex and his buddies? How do we know what, when, where, and how? Were the dinosaurs already on their way out? What did it do to Earth’s temperature? How much disagreement is there still? How big was the fight over the initial paper? (Some folks are still not speaking I think!).

Here you are! SCIENCE!

Watch this talk at the AGU Meeting last December in New Orleans. I’ll be posting more over the coming days/weeks.