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24 February 2018

We are Not Amused. The Ridiculous Comment Every Meteorologist has Heard.

Meteorologist Keith Carson at WCSH in Maine likes to give grief in the form of facts to flat-earthers and chemtrail believers, but he just did a report that covers a comment that every meteorologist has heard many times: It must be nice to get paid to be wrong! My usual response is to point out that my batting average is higher than the best Major League Baseball player and then ask …


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22 February 2018

Astounding Warmth In the Eastern U.S. and Across the Arctic

The big weather story in February has not been snow, but the astounding heat. The Danish Meteorological Institute has a station on the Arctic Ocean in Northern Greenland. While in total darkness, and just 400 miles from the North Pole, the temperature there climbed above freezing Tuesday! Look at the records across the Eastern U.S. Tuesday afternoon. Boston hit 70° F Tuesday, which is only the third 70-degree temperature recorded in  February …


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12 February 2018

The BBC’s New 14 day Weather Forecasts Are Bollocks

I have no problem with the BBC dropping the UK Met office for their forecasting and going with a private company. and their new on-air weather graphics are actually quite good. HOWEVER Their new 14-day deterministic weathercasts are (in terms the average UK bloke will readily understand) bollocks. Make no mistake, forecasts are getting better and better. A report (a few years back) estimated that reliable forecasts are increasing by about a …


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6 February 2018

Nerds Rule, Tesla in Space!

Today was a day that will long be remembered. Perhaps the most iconic images from space since the Apollo era as Elon Musk’s red Tesla climbed away from the Earth as millions watched it live. The images below are not fake. They are real, and from a video camera by the Tesla. You gotta love the car tag as well: Don’t Panic. THIS is how you make science cool. I …


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4 February 2018

Groundhog Day From A Meteorologist’s Perspective

When I referred to Punxsutawney Phil as “that rat in Pennsylvania” on air last week, I received a hot email from a viewer upset about it (The groundhog is indeed a rodent but explaining this did no good). I also had the following Twitter message: I think Ashton is correct, and I know where she is coming from. I’d agree that most people do indeed know that Punxsutawney Phil or …


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