13 January 2018

It’s a New World; You Can Attend A Great Science Conference from Home

Posted by Dan Satterfield

I’m just back from the AMS Annual Meeting, and like the much larger AGU meeting, it’s impossible to make every talk. That’s ok because it’s 2018 and (thanks to scientific discoveries) you just go online and watch what you missed! I did not make the AGU in New Orleans this year, but many of those talks are now online, and I plan on sharing some of my favorites here over the next few weeks. (Go to the AGU Youtube channel for tons of them).

I shared the AMS Presidential Forum with Dr. Richard Alley in my last post, so. here’s the AGU Presidential Forum featuring a talk by legendary journalist Dan Rather. Both societies could hardly have picked a better person for their keynote address.

Trust me, this is better than Ice Road Truckers or trying to figure out what the Weather Channel is naming the next winter storm (I’m calling it Matthew, but keep it quiet).