20 February 2012

A New Dark Era of Science?

Posted by Dan Satterfield

An interesting piece in the Guardian Sunday, that is well worth a read.

I know personally of scientists who have received death threats for their work in the field of climate physics, and teachers whose jobs were threatened for teaching basic biology. The National Center for Science Education has recently added defending climate science to its mission because of the many reports from teachers that they are having issues with parents over the issue.

Click the image below to read the Guardian story. I noticed this very same feeling at the AGU meeting in San Francisco last December. This story comes in the same week that the BBC reports on scientists in Canada allegedly being muzzled for political reasons as well.

What we do about issues like climate change is a political question requiring agreement among all sides of the political aisle. Attacking scientists or teachers for explaining well understood science is doing a grave disservice, not just to teachers and scientists, but in the long run, to our children as well.