7 February 2010

Some Context to The Historic East Coast Blizzard

Posted by Dan Satterfield

If you live in the Northeastern USA or Western Europe you are living through a very historic winter. Same for those living ,where I write this tonight, in Tulsa Oklahoma. Snow, snow and a lot more snow. Baltimore is buried under at least two feet tonight.

What’s causing it?

The Arctic Oscillation. (AO)

It also goes by other names. Older forecasters like myself prefer the NAO for North Atlantic Oscillation. Younger and brighter meteorologists prefer the Northern Annular Mode. Whatever you call it, the result is the same. This is what you can blame  for all the snow.

My friend Bob Henson at the National Centers for Atmospheric Research is an expert at making something complicated easy. If you don’t  believe me, read his book the Rough Guide to Climate Change. Click the image below to see his explanation.

It won’t get your car dug out, or your power back on sooner, but you will at least know why you are freezing under the covers!

Screen shot 2010-02-07 at 01.11.21