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25 February 2010

I Highly Recommend This iPhone/iTouch App.

One of the best science blogs out there is Skeptical Science. It is written by Aussie John Cook. His background is solar physics, among other things, and he does a fantastic job of showing the silliness of some of the wild things certain people say about climate science. A few months back I was given the Woody Guthrie Award for a Thinking Blogger by Mike Kaulbars at Greenfyre’s. The recipient …


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Penguin Dreams and Other Things

Not too many people can say they have seen a Polar Bear and a Penguin in the wild. To do so one must go to the far North and the far South. Polar Bears live only in the High North and Penguins in, and near Antarctica. I like penguins best, they don’t consider me a tasty snack. My travel colleage on our National Science Foundation expedition to Antarctica sent me …


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