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22 February 2010

East Coast Blizzard??- Models Are Still Flaky

The long range numerical weather prediction models continue to show wild run to run swings regarding the possible next winter storm to pound the Eastern USA. There is little doubt that something is coming, but the track and the amount of cold air is still very questionable. Here is an example of the differences. The picture below is from the DGEX. It’s a long range model run this afternoon and …


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Another Blizzard Coming For The East?? Maybe!

The long range weather models have been indicating that a major blizzard will develop in about 8 days and hot the East Coast of America. First of all, you should know that numerical weather models are NOT reliable this far into the future. Things can and will be different than what the image above shows. That said the guidance is a lot better than it was 10 years ago and …


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