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27 February 2010

How big was The Quake?? This big.

This is the broadband seismogram from Virginia Tech. It is set to record distant quakes. It speaks for itself. Keep in mind the distance between Chile and Blacksburg Virginia. The Earth rang like a bell last night. Any questions? Click image to see the full size. Ctsy. Va. Tech. Sesimo. Observatory


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Massive Quake in Chile Shakes Seismographs Around The World

An 8.8 Magnitude quake has hit Chile. It was recorded at a depth of only 35km. This is very shallow and likely means that  catastrophic damage is possible. Large aftershocks are already being recorded. The quake hit when most people were in bed asleep. The USGS says this quake occurred 230 km north of the location of the 9.5 quake of May 1960. That quake holds the record for the …


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