4 January 2009

Nature: What We Know About Climate 2008

Posted by Dan Satterfield

The folks at Nature (One of the top science journals on the planet), have written an excellent summary of the year’s new knowledge in Climate. It’s another of my must reads. (I admit there have been a few of these lately..sorry I can’t help it).

You can see it HERE

The other news of the day comes from the White City tube stop in London. The BBC has announced Matt Smith is the 11th time lord. David Tennant, you will always be in my heart as the true Doctor, but I wish Matt Smith a huge congratulations…you have have HUGE shoes to fill.

I really must write a post on Doctor Who. It’s the only TV program I watch, but really, isn’t that enough!

Happy New Year to all (except Cybermen and Daleks of course)