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28 December 2008

Two Must Read Books

It has been awhile since I recommended some books to you faithful readers. (Readers from 71 countries have now visited my journal! Thank You!) The fisrt book is related to a post about Dr. Richard Muller’s course at U. C.  Berkeley. “Physics For Future Presidents”. He has written a book that includes even more material than is available in the online lectures! (I have the link to his course in my previous …


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26 December 2008

If Your Roof Is Gone, Does It Matter If It Was a Tornado?

I have asked this question to myself many times. Any Meteorologist, who works as a forecaster, will tell you that people get very upset if you tell them that the damage to their home was not caused by a tornado.  I am not sure why this is the case, it would probably make a good PhD thesis for some Psychology student! Straight line winds can, and most of the time …


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21 December 2008

Crazy December Storm Track

If your reading this blog from anywhere  in the Northern Hemisphere, you know how crazy the weather has been in December. Here in the Southeast USA, we have had warm and dreary conditions, with nearly 11 inches of rain in Huntsville. This is not a record though. Back in 1990 we had over 18 inches! The West, and North have had bitter cold, and snow for most of the month. …


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16 December 2008

The Digital Divide

We live in what I call Gutenberg times.  The single greatest invention in the thousand year period from the beginning of the common era in year 1 up through the year 1980 was the printing press. It revolutionized the entire world. The availibility of the  printing press changed every single aspect of society, and led directly to the Renaissance. After the printing press, the way things were done, and the way …


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7 December 2008

The Geek Test

Some people know they are Geeks. I am one and I have learned to become comfortable with it!  You may wonder, “Am I a geek??”. In most countries of the world, being called a Geek is actually a compliment. Not necessarily so here in America. (Something that may explain the low Math, and Science scores American students receive, compared to other countries. Just my opinion though.  I may very well be absolutely …


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