28 December 2008

Two Must Read Books

Posted by Dan Satterfield

It has been awhile since I recommended some books to you faithful readers. (Readers from 71 countries have now visited my journal! Thank You!)

The fisrt book is related to a post about Dr. Richard Muller’s course at U. C.  Berkeley. “Physics For Future Presidents”. He has written a book that includes even more material than is available in the online lectures! (I have the link to his course in my previous post.)
Think Plutonium is the most toxic substance known, worried about a dirty bomb? Then your Physics needs updating. This is a complete course in modern Physics, with almost no math. (The Math is beautiful though, as Dr. Muller points out, in his online lectures).

Muller’s online course has been voted the most popular at Berkeley. This, by Non Science majors!

It would be great to meet Muller someday. He is a renowned Physicist. He knew Feynman too! 

You can get it from Amazon here:


The other book is a new one on climate that is really fascinating. It is also recommended by the Climate Scientists who write the Real Climate blog. That is high praise indeed.

Ice, Mud and Blood, by Chris Turney, is also available from Amazon HERE.

Have you wondered just how we know what the climate was like millions of years ago? This book explains it. I am rather familiar with the basic climate proxies, but I have learned a lot of new things from this book! Very readable and interesting.

I’m now on page 87, and my opinion of this book keeps climbing rapidly. If your tired of the junk online about climate change being a hoax or a liberal plot (please!, read a book folks!) This book is a real world look at Climate Science. 

Chris Turney, is a climate professor in the Uk, and a graduate of Royal Holloway, a very prestigious school. 

If you know a young person interested in Science, these books would make a great gift. If you like learning things the rest of the world doesn’t know, buy them for yourself!