22 November 2019

Friday fold: Noonday Dolomite in Mosaic Canyon

Posted by Callan Bentley

Because I’m putting together a field course for spring break 2020 to Death Valley California, I was looking through old Death Valley photos this week, from the last time I went to that special place. It was seven years ago! How time flies…

This one is in Mosaic Canyon, and was taken by my student Marcelo Arispe, a talented photographer as well as a talented geologist:

By the standards of this place, that’s a very large fold. The rock unit being folded is the Noonday Dolomite, a Neoproterozoic carbonate unit that exhibits gorgeous ductile deformation in Mosaic Canyon. The canyon offers a suite of folds on almost all scales and styles to bedazzle the geologically-inclined visitor. Previous Friday folds from Mosaic Canyon can be seen here and here and here and here.

Be well. Have a fine weekend!