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25 October 2019

Friday fold: Identity of a BIF

The Friday fold is a slab of banded iron formation now dwelling in the University of Washington’s Department of Earth & Space Sciences. But where did it come from? India? Brazil? Perhaps you can help identify its provenance.


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18 October 2019

Friday folds from the Foreknobs Formation

TGIF! That’s my seven year old field assistant showing off the shape of a syncline in shale, siltstone, and fine sandstone of the Foreknobs Formation, a Devonian nearshore package of clastic sediment in the Valley & Ridge Province of eastern West Virginia. Want to see something freaky for Halloween? Photoshop can make it happen: Ewwww. Creepy! Another shot of the same fold, with a thick massive sand above a thicker …


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11 October 2019

Friday fold: Watern Cove

A moderate mesoscale monocline at Watern Cove, Newfoundland, shows off multicellular animal fossils of the Ediacaran Mistaken Point Formation.


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9 October 2019

Book report

I’m way behind in writing about writing, but I’ve read a decent number of books (or listened to them) over the past few months. I apologize to each of these authors for lumping all these reviews into a single blog post, but this has collectively been on the back burner for months, and I’ve decided to finally push them all out there at once. I’m going to wipe the slate …


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4 October 2019

Friday fold: Angel Island “IV”

Hey, let’s go back to Angel Island for today’s Friday fold. We’ve been there once, twice, thrice previously. The rocks in question are metaconglomerates that Jess Ball and I found at first only as float on the beach at Camp Reynolds, like these two examples: …Look at those beautiful elongated pebbles, transected by wee white veins! Where there’s float, there may be outcrop — Sure enough, with a minute or …


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