15 February 2013

Friday fold: clear evidence of the work of the Intelligent Folder

Posted by Callan Bentley

Yesterday’s post showcasing my conversational critique of Intelligent Design got a lot of attention, including tweet love from @NCSE and @BadAstronomer, and a blog post at Pharyngula. So, at the risk of overkill, I decided to have a little fun with the Friday fold…

Check out this fold that I found in float of Purcell (Belt) Supergroup limestone last summer, in Waterton Lakes National Park, Alberta:

Such beautiful symmetry! This is clearly the work of an Intelligent Folder. You cannot examine a fold like this without wondering at the way it was put together. Clearly a supernatural agent of uncommon intelligence was responsible. Note the clean lines and “similar” form (meaning thicker at the hinge and thinner on the limbs: evidence of solid state flow). Let’s zoom in:

Note how the Intelligent Folder didn’t put any nasty looking parasitic folds on this masterpiece. He simply (but complexly) applied a little intelligent σ1 (as shown by the red arrows) and then commanded pressure solution to take place, shortening the strata in that direction. And note how He accommodated a modicum of the strain with extensional fractures in the σ3 direction (yellow):

Truly brilliant work! I’m sure some “scientists” would try to pass this off with their reductionist materialist explanations of rheology, stress, and strain, but you and I know better: this exposure is unambiguous evidence of Intelligent Folding.