10 June 2011

Friday fold: faulted fold

Posted by Callan Bentley

Digging through my digital files, I found a nice photo of a fold to share with you today. I thought I had already posted this image, but even a TinEye search failed to turn it up, so I think I’m safe posting it as today’s Friday fold: a tight fold that is cross-cut by a set of parallel small-scale faults.

I’m pretty sure this is from somewhere along Mather Gorge area of the Potomac River (Maryland/Virginia Piedmont), and I’m pretty sure it was taken by my student Victoria, although I could be wrong about both of those deductions. (It looks like her shoes, which she often uses as a sense of scale.) The photo was taken in September of 2009 with an Olympus camera, so it’s not mine. I’m shocked that I haven’t posted it before, though I once put up something very similar from the Tetons.

Happy Friday, world.