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23 June 2011

U.S. Geoblogger Tour 2011

These are the geobloggers that I was privileged enough to hang out with this last week, in chronological order: Steve Gough of Riparian Rap: Ed Adams of Geology Happens: Evelyn Mervine of Georneys: Alton Dooley of Updates From the Vertebrate Paleontology Lab: Garry Hayes of Geotripper: Geobloggers are good people. They blog because they like to share their enthusiasm for the geosciences, and this also makes them fun people to …


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Bookshelfing in the Rockfish Conglomerate

Another thing I saw last week in the Rockfish Conglomerate were several nice examples of “bookshelfing,” which is when a rock or mineral fractures into pieces, and the pieces slide down relative to their neighbors, like a set of encyclopedias slumping outward on a bookshelf. This has the effect of shortening the grain/clast in one direction, and elongating it in another direction: Ever seen anything like that? If so, where? …


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