18 May 2011

Some cool rocks from DGMR’s rock garden

Posted by Callan Bentley

Okay… I feel like it’s time to get away from the crazies and back to the rocks.

Remember the gigapan I showed of the Virginia DGMR rock garden? Here are a few more shots of that fine display, emphasizing a few close-ups of exemplary Virginia rocks.

Slate, showing a decent plumose structure:

Crystal fiber lineations (slickensides) of epidote, with “steps” facing the photographer (showing motion on the opposite side of the block).

Rhythmic layering in the lower Konnarock Formation, showing graded bedding:

A zoom-in on the previous image, showing the best graded bed there in the previous image:

Ahhh… rocks. So simple, so lacking in guile and baloney. I like rocks.