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13 May 2011

Lily’s pet gecko

My fiancée Lily teaches science at a local middle school, and she has a pet leopard gecko there. I went in this morning to give her students a talk on climate change, and used the opportunity to hang out a bit with the gecko, which is named Kimo (“chemo”). Lily affectionately calls him “Kemo-sabe”… I took a few photos, which long-time readers will recall I did with another classroom pet …


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Friday fold(s): More kinky phyllite, but this time from the field

Last week, the Friday fold featured a kinked phyllite of unknown provenance that is currently resident in David King Hall 2074 on the campus of George Mason University. However, on Tuesday of last week, I found another kinked phyllite, this one out in the real world, at Thoroughfare Gap, in the Harpers Formation of the Bull Run Mountains. So, a couple things to note: this phyllite is verging on schist, …


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