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11 March 2011

Art imitates art

Something occurred to me this morning when I saw this: (source) …And it was this: (source) Do you think it’s a coincidence that NOAA’s mapmaker chose that particular royal blue / sky blue / white color scheme, augmented by gray continents with yellow accents? I suspect it’s a beautiful shout-out to the classic piece of tsunami art. The reality is that tsunami are often a horrid brown gray color, full …


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Friday fold(s): Mount Washington 2

More from Mount Washington, New Hampshire: some folds in the Madison Member of the Littleton Formation (schist) along the auto road near Cragway Springs (just past 5 miles up; see map below): IMAGE SOURCE The folds are asymmetrical, with long west-dipping limbs, and shorter east-dipping limbs. Happy Friday!


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Japan M8.9 quake + tsunami

I’m not usually the “report on current events” type of geoblogger, but someone needs to throw a few details up ASAP for those who are interested in the details of the big Japanese earthquake and resulting tsunami that is currently crossing the Pacific Ocean. First off: links to other geoblogs already reporting on the event: Geotripper, Paleoseismicity, Hypo-theses, Dan’s Wild, Wild Science Journal , Eruptions, Georneys, Hudson Valley Geologist, and …


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