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15 March 2011

Less U.S. concern for climate change

A new poll by Gallup suggests that the proportion of the U.S. population concerned about climate change has dropped to an almost record low (51% of the “polled population worrying about climate change a great deal/fair amount”). The data are interesting to look at: (source) I thought I detected a little pattern here with the numbers waxing and waning, and so I went to NASA’s GISS dataset for the U.S. …


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New GPS vectors

Just wanted to call your attention to two new maps showing GPS displacement vectors from Japan. (Barry left links to these images in a comment yesterday.) These images are hosted on the website of the Geospatial Information Authority of Japan, and though I can’t read the Japanese to verify their authorship, I presume that agency produced them as well. They are easier to read than the one I posted on …


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Sugarloaf III: Tension gashes

Background geology of the Sugarloaf Mountain area. (March 2010) Primary structures in the meta-sandstone of the Sugarloaf Mountain Quartzite. (yesterday) Background on tension gashes. (August 2010)


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