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27 February 2016

Vajont – La diga del disonore: the landslide scene

The Italian film Vajont – La diga del disonore (2001) provided a dramatisation of the events of the 1963 Vajont landslide disaster in 1963. The dramatic and harrowing landslide scene is now available on Youtube


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25 February 2016

The Vajont Slide: A new event chronology and the importance of geomorphology

In a new paper, Wolter et al (2015) have re-examined the 1963 Vajont slide, proposing a new chronology for the evolution of the landslide that caused the disaster.


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27 October 2012

Two interesting forthcoming conferences – the five years after the Wenchuan (Sichuan) earthquake and 50 years after Vajont

Two interesting forthcoming conferences to mark significant landslide events: 5 years after the Wenchuan earthquake and 50 years after Vajont


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11 December 2008

The Vaiont (Vajont) landslide of 1963

For some 12 or so years I have maintained a set of notes on the amazing Vajont (sometimes spelt Vaiont) landslide of N. Italy. This is the most deadly landslide in Europe in recorded history. For a while I have been meaning to move the notes over to here – today I have finally got around to it, so here they are: THE VAJONT LANDSLIDEIntroductionThe Vajont reservoir disaster is a …


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