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23 October 2013

Review of a paper: landslide scenarios for a large Seattle earthquake

A new paper models landslide occurrence for a large Seattle earthquake in western USA. The results suggest that the effects of landslides would be extremely serious


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27 October 2009

Animation of Seattle harbour liquefaction failures

Youtube has a rather cool video of an animation of the effects of a large earthquake on the harbour side area of Seattle. The main point is I think to show the effects of the earthquake on the elevated roadway, but it also shows liquefaction failures of the fill behind the sea wall: Pretty neat – certainly a useful teaching tool.


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31 October 2008

New book: Landslides and Engineering Geology of the Seattle, Washington, Area

Seattle is an area that has both a long history of landslides and a long history of landslide research. For example, there is a 1974 USGS report online examining landslides triggered in a 1972 rainfall event. In 1996-7 a series of large storms triggered multiple damaging slides in Seattle. As a result, the USGS and Seattle agreed to start a major project to produce a range of landslide hazard maps …


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