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27 April 2021

Great Whale River: a very large, low-angled landslide in Canada on 22 April 2021

On 22 April 2021 a very large landslide occurred on the Great Whale River in Quebec, Canada. Images suggest that this landslide, which is about 4 km long, was a quick clay slide.


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1 January 2021

The scale of the Gjerdrum landslide: a helicopter video

The scale of the Gjerdrum landslide: NGI have released a helicopter video that shows the staggering extent of the quick clay failure.


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31 December 2020

An update on the Gjerdrum landslide in Norway

An update on the Gjerdrum landslide in Norway – 10 people remain missing, but the one source of hope is that overnight a dog named Zajka was rescued


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18 June 2020

Quick clay landslides: an online documentary about Rissa

Quick clay landslides: a documentary film made by NGI, posted to Youtube about the Rissa landslide, illustrates the strange properties of quick clays .


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8 June 2020

A further significant failure at the site of the Alta quick clay landslide

On Friday 5 Jue 2020 a further significant failure occurred at the site of the Alta quick clay landslide. The landslide has destroyed a section of road


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5 June 2020

The Alta Quick Clay Landslide: further footage

New footage has been posted to Youtube showing the Alta Quick Clay landslide, including drone imagery of the aftermath of the main failure


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4 June 2020

Alta: a truly remarkable video of a quick clay landslide in Norway

The remarkable video of a landslide at Alta in Norway yesterday is probably the finest recording of a quick clay landslide to date.


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19 March 2020

The May 1971 Saint Jean Vianney landslide disaster

In May 1971 the Saint Jean Vianney landslide, a very large failure in a sensitive clay, destroyed 40 houses and killed 31 people in Canada


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14 November 2019

Lokeberg: an interesting quick clay slide triggered by piling in Western Sweden

On 13 November 2019 a landslide affected a coastal area at Lokeburg in western Sweden. It appears that this was a quick clay landslide triggered by piling for a new beach house.


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13 November 2016

Asakveien: a deadly quick clay landslide in Norway on Thursday

On Thursday afternoon a quick clay landslide occurred at Asakveien in Norway, tragically killing three Lithuanian forestry workers


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