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11 November 2016

St-Luc-de-Vincennes: a spectacular quick clay (?) slide in Quebec

A spectacular and dramatic landslide at St-Luc-de-Vincennes in Quebec, Canada yesterday has the hallmarks of a quick clay slide


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3 February 2015

Vestfold in Norway – an unusual landslide takes out a major highway bridge

Yesterday afternoon a major landslide took out a highway bridge at Vestfold in Norway. This may be a quick clay landslide, and interestingly it appears that a bulldozer was working in the field below the bridge.


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18 September 2013

Historic earthquake-triggered landslides in Canada

A new paper, Brooks (2013), has investigated a huge quick clay landslide in Canada. It concludes that it formed about 1100 years ago in response to an earthquake


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7 January 2012

An update on recent landslides

An update on recent landslides from around the world, including events in Norway, the Philippines, the UK and Brazil


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12 May 2010

Possible pre-failure ground deformation at the St-Jude quick clay landslide in Canada

Sadly, it has been confirmed that the family reported missing in the landslide at Saint-Jude in Canada yesterday were killed in the basement of their house.  Interestingly, the area of road on the north side of the slide looks like this (this view is looking north, effectively standing on the slide looking across at ground that did not move): Note the two large, very recent tarmac repairs extending right across …


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11 May 2010

Possible flowslide (not a sinkhole) in St Jude, Canada

The Canadian media is reporting the case of a “sinkhole” that developed in St Jude, 77 km to the north of Montreal, last night.  The sinkhole included a family house, with four people inside.  At the moment these occupants are reported to be missing.  The Montreal Gazette has a photo gallery of the site.  One of the photos is this one: Based upon this image this does not look like …


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13 March 2009

Norwegian landslide – is this a quick clay slide?

Most people would probably not think of Norway as being hazard prone, but it does have two particular landslide issues. The first is that occasional large-scale failures occur on the walls of fjords. Given the height of these rock walls, these failures can be large and energetic, and sometimes trigger small scale tsunamis. The other is a strange type of failure known as a quick clay slide. Perhaps the best …


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