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3 August 2022

The 2 December 2020 Beach Road Landslide in Haines, Alaska

A new open access paper (Darrow et al. 2022) describes the 2 December 2020 Beach Road landslide in Haines, Alaska, which killed two people.


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30 May 2022

Whitehorse escarpment, Yukon: a landslide caught on a monitoring camera

Whitehorse escarpment, Canada: on 28 May 2022 the Yukon Geological Survey recorded a significant landslide on a monitoring camera.


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1 February 2021

Rat Creek: a large washout generated by an atmospheric river in California

Rat Creek: a large post wildfire washout has been generated on State Highway 1 in the Big Sur in California


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13 September 2018

Typhoon Mangkhut, Hurricane Florence and the earthquake in Hokkaido

In a short space of time, Typhoon Mangkhut, Hurricane Florence and the earthquake in Hokkaido all have the potential to generate large numbers of landslides


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22 August 2015

Mount Rainier debris flows, 13th August 2015

On 13th August a series of debris flows occurred on the flanks of Mount Rainier in Washington State, USA. These glacier collapse events were captured on video, photographs & seismic instruments


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3 January 2008

Landslides in Northwest USA

The New York Times today carries an interesting article here about destructive floods in Washington State resulting from a large storm in December. For me the interesting thing is an argument that appears to be raging as to whether the floods have resulted from measures to protect salmon fisheries, which have purportedly led to blockages forming in river channels, or from landslides and erosion that have resulted from logging. The …


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