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17 July 2020

Satellite imagery of the Myanmar jade mine landslide

Satellite imagery is now available from Planet Labs of the site of the 28 June 2020 Myanmar jade mine landslide, which killed about 180 people


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2 July 2020

Sate Mu village: another dreadful jade mining landslide in Myanmar

Another dreadful landslide has occurred in the Hpakant jade mining area of Kachin state in Myanmar. The landslide, at Sate Mu, killed at least 113 people.


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16 June 2020

New landslide videos: Russia and California

Two new landslide videos: a large landslide in a mine in Russia & dashcam footage of a small but high impact rockfall in California


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5 April 2020

The 1935 colliery landslide in Cwmaman, South Wales

In 1935 a large colliery landslide came very close to causing major damage to Cwmaman in South Wales. An archive Pathe News report provides detail.


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3 April 2020

Finding a consensus view on the Luming Mine tailings accident

Based on the information available so far, can we crowd source an understanding of what happened to cause the Luming Mine tailings accident in China?


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2 April 2020

High resolution Planet Labs imagery of the Luming Mine accident

Planet Labs have captured a high resolution SkySat image of the site of the Luming Mine accident in China, in which polluted water and sediment have been released


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31 March 2020

The Luming Mine tailings accident in China

A significant tailings accident occurred on 28 March 2020, this time at the Luming Mine in Heilongjiang Province in NE China.


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18 February 2020

Further information about the Tylorstown landslide

Images of the Tylorstown landslide show that it was a rotational landslide in coal waste that transitioned into a flowslide.


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17 February 2020

Did South Wales suffer a coal waste landslide yesterday?

A significant landslide occurred at Tylorstown in South Wales yesterday. There are indications that this occurred at the site of a coal waste spoil tip.


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10 February 2020

The exceptional mobility of tailings dam failures

The exceptional mobility of tailings dam failures I’m continuing to write my paper for the keynote at the 13th International Symposium on Landslides in Colombia this year (the paper is due this month, so the pressure is on). As I noted in a post last week, I’ve been looking at the impact of landslides in less developed countries; one key component of this is the impact of failures associated with …


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