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21 June 2008

Earthquake triggered landslide at Aratozawa Dam in Kurihara, Miyagi prefecture, Japan

Many thanks to reader Ripendra for alerting me to the following, and indeed for doing nearly all the work for this post. The 14th June 2008 earthquake in Japan is known to have triggered a number of landslides, as per earlier posts, but the most notable appears to have occurred at Aratozawa Dam in Miyagi prefecture. The Aratozawa Dam (Figure 1) is a rockfill dam used for flood control, irrigation …


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8 June 2008

[email protected] Tangjiashan images deepen the mystery

NB – I have now updated this with an image at the end that shows this more clearly. A quick image search today showed up the following Reuters image, entitled: “Water from the Tangjiashan “quake lake” flows down in quake-hit Mianyang, Sichuan Province June 7, 2008. Chinese troops on Saturday eased pressure on a swelling “quake lake” threatening hundreds of thousands of people, but a smaller lake burst its banks …


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26 May 2008

Tangjiashan (Beichuan) Lake – update

China Daily is today reporting that real progress is being made with the lake above Beichuan, which is now known as Tangjiashan Lake: Amid low visibility, a Russian helicopter successfully delivered a large bulldozer and other eight sets of big machineries near the swelling Tangjiashan lake, in order to dig a diverting channel to prevent a flood, said Minister of Water Resources Chen Lei. “I feel relieved this morning as …


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