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24 March 2016

The Yale Himalaya Initiative landslide hazard map for Nepal

The Yale Himalaya Initiative has generated a landslide hazard map for Nepal. it is very unclear as to what this map is actually showing.


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26 April 2015

Landslides from the Nepal earthquake yesterday

Landslides are likely to have been a major impact from the Nepal Earthquake. Tom Robinson at the University of Canterbury has run an initial analysis of the likely distribution


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16 December 2014

Oso: The SR 530 Landslide Commission report

The Commission set up to investigate the Oso / SR 530 landslide released its report yesterday. The recommendations include a proper hazard mapping program, the formation of a geological hazards institute and forensic investigations of this and other large landslide events in the state


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25 October 2013

Review of a paper: A risk society? Environmental hazards, risk and resilience in the later Middle Ages in Europe

Chris Gerrard, an Archaeologist from Durham, and I have recently written an open access paper in the journal Natural Hazards that examines the preparation for and responses to disasters in Middle Ages Europe


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7 December 2012

Evaluating the causes of the Typhoon Bopha / Pablo disaster

An examination as to why the losses in Typhoon Bopha / Pablo were so high. With investment this level of loss is entirely avoidable


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12 October 2012

Safeland project reports

A number of really interesting reports about landslide hazard and risk are now available on the Safeland web site


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3 December 2010

My new position from January: Executive Director of the Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience

From 17th January I will take on a new role as Director of the Durham University Institute of Hazard, Risk and Resilience. This post explains briefly the activities of the Institute.


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