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6 August 2013

Digging for gold in Paraguay

In Capiata, Paraguay, 20 men are making a bold attempt to win a Darwin Award by excavating an unsupported pit to try to find a trove of 12 tonnes of gold


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30 March 2013

News of the Tibet gold mine landslide

New images have been posted on Xinhua of the huge landslide at the Jiama mine in Tibet yesterday. This is an unusually large quarry landslide; there is little hope for the 83 victims


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2 March 2009

Landslide buries a gold mining village in Peru

Reuters is reporting that at least 10 people have been killed and a further 30 are missing after a landslide struck the gold mining village of Huanchumay, which is situated in a remote part of Carabaya province. They quote a civil defence official, Victor Ibanez, as having said: “We have 10 dead so far and five wounded. We have no accurate data for the missing but are talking about 30 …


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