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2 August 2021

Melamchi – satellite images and helicopter videos start to explain the catastrophic floods in Nepal

Melamchi – satellite images and helicopter videos start to explain the catastrophic floods in Nepal in June 2021


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21 July 2021

The extraordinary, almost unbelievable, rainfall in Henan Province yesterday

The extraordinary, almost unbelievable, rainfall in Henan Province, China yesterday, in which over 200 mm fell in a one hour period.


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16 July 2021

Inden: a river changing course, eroding an old channel and flooding an open cast mine

Inden: a river rediscovering a previous course and flooding an open cast coal mine The floods in Germany, Belgium and Netherlands this week have been truly catastrophic.  The same storm system also caused flash flooding in London.  It is likely that the this event will have triggered landslides, but we will need to wait to get more information when the priority is rescue and recovery.  There are suggestions that an …


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7 February 2021

Chamoli: the catastrophic flood was caused by a landslide

Chamoli: what do we know about the catastrophic flood that occurred in Uttarakhand in northern India this morning?


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22 May 2020

Edenville Dam breach: interpreting the failure

As improved images and information become available, it is becoming possible to gain a better understanding of the cause of the Edenville Dam breach


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10 February 2017

Oroville Dam: extraordinary erosion, and a crisis, on the spillway

At the Oroville Dam in Calfornia an extraordinary crisis has developed as the spillway undergoes massive, flood-induced erosion


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1 February 2016

Images of the Tbilisi Zoo landslide and flood disaster

Dr Sergey Chernomorets has kindly provided images taken in September 2015 of the Tbilisi zoo landslide and flood disaster.


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28 January 2016

Google Earth imagery of the Tbilisi landslide and flood

In June 2015 the Tbilisi landslide and flood disaster killed 19 people in Georgia. Google Earth imagery is now available of the site


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15 January 2016

Wolhusen: an interesting river-blocking rockfall in Switzerland

On Monday night a large rockfall in Wolhusen blocked the Keine Emme river, causing a flood through a local industrial park. Estimated damage is US$1 million


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7 April 2013

Future trends in natural hazard losses – the Powerpoint file from my Geographical Association 2013 conference talk

A talk from the Geographical Association annual conference on future losses from natural hazards, focusing on storms, floods, earthquakes and volcanoes


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