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12 May 2012

More information on the landslide that caused the Seti Flood in Nepal

An analysis, based on an amazing video of the landslide in action, of the rock avalanche that caused the Seti River flood in Nepal


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6 May 2012

Flash flood in Nepal kills at least 15, with up to 36 more missing

It is possible that the catastrophic flood in Nepal yesterday, which killed up to 50, was caused by a landslide dam collapse


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14 January 2012

A photo album of landslide damage at Golden Bay, Nelson, New Zealand

In December 2011 a severe rainstorm triggered landslides in Golden Bay, New Zealand. This post provides photos of the landslide damage.


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5 January 2011

Google Ngrams – the use of the word “landslide”

Google now has about a million books online dating from 1500 to 2008.  An interesting tool that they have provided, and which is great fun with which to play, is the NGram viewer, which allows the user to search for, and graph, the occurrence of specific words through time in these texts. Note that the data are presented as the use of the word as a percentage of the total words in the …


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18 December 2010

The cost of reconstruction after the Attabad landslide

Whilst it has dropped from the news during the winter period, the Attabad landslide crisis in Pakistan rumbles on, with dire consequences for the population on the north side of the barrier.  In the next few days the high passes into China will close again, rendering the population of Gojal isolated once again.  The Pamir Times featured an article a few days ago highlighting how tough conditions are once again: …


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29 November 2010

Update on the Tawang Monastery and a good article on the tribulations of Pakistan

Update on Tawang Thanks to reader Adrian Moon for tracking this down – an image of the landslide affecting the Tawang Monastery site in India has been posted on the Echo of Aranchal website: Whilst it is hard to place the image, the most likely spot appears to be the west-facing slope section, which looks to have a landslide morphology: The cycle of disaster in Pakistan The BBC News website …


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16 November 2010

A round up of interesting natural hazards stories – Taiwan landslides, the Pakistan floods, the Attabad landslide, and risk management in Canada

Occasionally I post a round up of stories on natural hazards, mostly on landslides, that have caught my eye in the last few days.  Here is the latest set: 1. Taiwan landslide hazard management Taiwan is one of the most landslide prone places on Earth as a result of its climate and geological setting. In the last 18 months it has suffered three high profile slope accidents – the extraordinary …


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3 November 2010

Updates – the Canterbury earthquake railway line; Hurricane Tomas and Haiti; and Manchhar lake in Pakistan

This is a general update email on a range of recent posts: 1. The railway line affected by the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand Yesterday I posted the image to the left of the deformation to a railway line were it crossed the surface expression of the fault that was responsible for the Canterbury Earthquake in New Zealand.  A number of people contributed to the discussion (thanks to you all) …


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17 August 2010

Pakistan flood update: the Kirthar Canal

The floods in Pakistan continue to extend to new areas, increasing the magnitude of the impact on a daily basis.  The PakMet hydrographs continue to show increasing flow levels.  At Guddu the discharge is still rising, and is now close to the peak level reached in the first flood wave (click on “read more” to reveal the rest of this post): Meanwhile, as expected serious problems are developing in the area of …


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13 August 2010

Update on China and Pakistan – 13th August 2010

1. The Gansu landslide in ChinaThe rescue operations in Gansu have now clearly transitioned into a recovery and rehabilitation phase, greatly hampered by continuing very heavy rainfall in the area.  Landslides are continuing to occur in the area, with resultant casualties. Tom Dijkstra of Loughborough University visited the site as part of a trip to look at collaborative landslide research in the area back in November.  He has kindly sent …


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