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6 March 2023

Luccombe: the individual impact of coastal landslides

The BBC has an article about a man in Luccombe on the Isle of Wight, whose house is threatened by a rapidly developing coastal landslide.


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11 April 2022

Bedruthan Steps: another “face” in a landslide scar

Bedruthan Steps in Cornwall, England: another “face” in a landslide scar


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29 January 2021

An interesting example of coastal erosion at Happisburgh in Norfolk

An interesting example of coastal erosion at Happisburgh in Norfolk, driven by the recent rainfall from Storm Christoph


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5 August 2019

Grandview Surf Beach: a fatal rock topple in California

On 2nd August 2019 a rock topple on Grandview Surf Beach near San Diego in California killed three women from a single family


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6 January 2017

Collapsing Arctic coastlines

In a paper just published in Nature Climate Change, Michael Fritz and colleagues have highlighted the environmental impacts of collapsing Arctic coastlines.


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8 November 2016

Recent increases in the retreat rate of chalk cliffs in southern England

A new study published in PNAS has examined the long term retreat rate of chalk coastal cliffs in S. England, finding that the erosion rate has increased by an order of magnitude in modern times


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11 September 2015

Weare Cliffs in Dorset – rockfall video

In Dorset, Southern England a dramatic rock topple on the progressive landslide at Weare Cliffs has been captured on video by a local fisherman


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3 September 2013

Over a century of rockfalls on a coastal cliff at Nobbys Head, Australia

I have spent the last few days New South Wales in Australia courtesy of the University of Newcastle.  This has been a great experience in a very interesting and picturesque city located by the sea.  The region is blessed with beautiful beaches, but there are also some cliffs that are actively eroding.  One prominent feature in Newcastle is known as Nobbys Head, an interesting former small island, now linked to …


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