30 April 2020

EGU General Assembly 2020: the online landslide sessions

Posted by Dave Petley

EGU General Assembly 2020

EGU General Assembly 2020: the online landslide sessions

Next week (4 – 8 May 2020) is the online version of the EGU General Assembly 2020, which is the largest annual meeting of the landslide research community.  EGU is organising the meeting online due to the cancellation of the physical meeting during the Corona Virus crisis.  At this stage one can only speculate on what this meeting will look like in 2021.

This is how EGU describe the online meeting:-

EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online (#shareEGU20) brings part of the activities of the EGU General Assembly 2020 online. We hope that authors and conveners will join us in sharing their research and discussing with colleagues. From 4 to 8 May 2020 (CEST) everyone can join us online for their favourite sessions.

Participation in EGU2020: Sharing Geoscience Online does not require payment of a registration fee. For uploads of presentation materials and commenting, authors and participants only need to have a Copernicus user account. Viewing abstracts and presentation materials does not require any authentication. Participating in text-based session chat channels requires the provision of a nickname and your email address. To organize your participation, please consider preparing your personal programme. To learn more about the chat channels, please see our page on how to use the chats.

I thought it would be helpful to summarise the main landslide sessions, which are part of the Natural Hazards programme group. I have organised these chronologically, the times are of course Central European Summer Time:


GM2.1 Advances in geomorphometry and landform mapping: possibilities, challenges and perspectives
Convener: Giulia Sofia | Co-conveners: Benjamin ChandlerECS, Frances E. G. ButcherECS, Susan Conway, Marek Ewertowski, Stuart GrieveECS, John K. HillierECS,Aleksandra Tomczyk
Displays Chat Mon, 04 May, 14:00–15:45


EMRP1.4 Multiscale rock damage in geology, geophysics and geo-engineering systems
Convener: Federico Agliardi | Co-conveners: David Amitrano, Marie ViolayECS, Christian Zangerl, Lucas Pimienta, Benedikt Ahrens, Carolina GiorgettiECS, Marieke RempeECS
Displays Chat Tue, 05 May, 08:30–12:30
NH3.11 Towards reliable Landslide Early Warning Systems
Convener: Luca Piciullo | Co-conveners: Stefano Luigi GarianoECS,Helen Reeves,Samuele Segoni
Displays  Chat Tue, 05 May, 08:30–10:15

NH3.5 Debris flows: advances on mechanics, monitoring, modelling and risk management

Co-organized by GM3/HS13
Convener: Marcel Hürlimann | Co-conveners: Velio CovielloECS,Xiaojun Guo,Roland Kaitna

Displays Chat Tue, 05 May, 14:00–18:00

NH3.1 Large slope instabilities: characterisation, dating, triggering, monitoring and modelling

Convener: Giovanni Crosta | Co-conveners: Federico Agliardi, Masahiro Chigira, Fabio Vittorio De BlasioECS
Displays Chat Tue, 05 May, 14:00–18:00


NH3.8 Landslide investigation using Remote Sensing and Geophysics
Convener: Antonio Abellan | Co-conveners: Janusz Wasowski, Masahiro Chigira, Oriol Monserrat, Jan BurjanekECS

Displays  Chat Wed, 06 May, 08:30–12:30

NH3.7 Space and time forecasting of landslides
Convener: Filippo Catani | Co-conveners: Xuanmei Fan,Fausto Guzzetti,Binod Tiwari
Displays  Chat Wed, 06 May, 14:00–15:45


NH3.10 Landslide Hazard and Risk in a Changing Environment
Convener: Paola Reichenbach | Co-conveners: Andreas Günther,Mihai Micu
Displays Chat Thu, 07 May, 08:30–10:15
NH3.9 Landslide monitoring: recent technologies and new perspectives
Convener: Lorenzo SolariECS | Co-conveners: Corey Froese,Peter Bobrowsky,Davide Bertolo,Mateja Jemec Auflič,Federico Raspini,Veronica Tofani
Displays  Chat Thu, 07 May, 10:45–12:30
NH3.12 Landslides and Soil Erosion in a Changing Climate: Analysis, Trends, Uncertainties and Adaptation Solutions
Convener: Guido Rianna | Co-conveners: Stefano Luigi GarianoECS, Fausto Guzzetti, Alfredo RederECS,Monia Santini

Displays  Chat Thu, 07 May, 10:45–12:30

NH3.2 Rockfalls, rockslides and rock avalanches
Convener: Michael Krautblatter | Co-conveners: Axel Volkwein, Anne VoigtländerECS, Matthew WestobyECS, Andreas EwaldECS
Displays Chat Thu, 07 May, 14:00–15:45
GM4.2 Erosion, weathering and sedimentation in mountain landscapes and caves
Convener: Elizabeth DingleECS | Co-conveners: Luca C MalatestaECS, Erica ErlangerECS, Larissa de PalézieuxECS, Stefan HaselbergerECS, Andrea ColumbuECS, Jeremy Caves RugensteinECS
Displays  Chat Thu, 07 May, 14:00–18:00
NH3.4 Hydrological and geomorphological processes in natural and human-modified slopes and landslides
Convener: Thom Bogaard | Co-conveners: Giacomo PepeECS, Massimiliano BordoniECS,Stella Moreiras,Roberto Greco
Displays  Chat Thu, 07 May, 16:15–18:00


CR3.4 Snow avalanche formation: from snow mechanics to avalanche detection
Convener: Johan Gaume | Co-conveners: Ingrid Reiweger,Alec van Herwijnen
Displays   Chat Fri, 08 May, 14:00–15:45
CR3.3 Snow avalanche dynamics: from basic physical knowledge to mitigation strategies
Convener: Thierry Faug | Co-conveners: Jan-Thomas Fischer,Florence Naaim-Bouvet,Betty Sovilla
Displays  Chat Fri, 08 May, 16:15–18:00